Greenwood Volunteer Fire & Rescue


This group dedicates long hours to running calls, attending meetings, training and fundraising. We also have a junior fire program; this is for teen’s age 14-18 who wish to learn about Fire and EMS. For those who are not passionate about firefighting, But want to help, we also have an auxiliary.We encourage anyone interested in any of the above groups to contact us!

Line Officers:

              Chief 40: Henry Piatt II                                           40-C2: Bob Wimer

              40-C3: Kurt Dennis                                                 40-R1: Melinda Rudd           

Executive Board:

              Pres: Bob Wimer                                                    VP: Melinda Rudd

              Sec: Carole Thibault                                              Tres: Arvilla Allen

   Trustees: Lloyd Shuffstall, Bob McCartney, Chris Johnston, Michael Ernst

Active Members:

Bob Byers  (FF/EMT)                 Zach Callender (FF)                    Justin Cutshall (FF)

Michael Ernst (FF)                     Alan Johnston (JR)                      Chris Johnston (FF)

Randy McAdoo (FF/EMT)         Robert McCartney (FF/EMT)      Joe Mumford (FF/EMT)

Alison Piatt (FF)                         Henry Piatt III (FF)                      Riley Piatt (JR)                      Brian Raybuck (FF)                    Audra Rendulic (FF/EMT)         Tristan Schlabach (FF)        Lloyd Shuffstall (FF)

Auxiliary Members:

Lily Ekis                                      Elizabeth Ernst                           Alyssa Ferguson

Harold Hager                            Twila Hager                                Tracy Palka

Kim Phillips                                Linda Piatt                                 Barb Schell

Katie Thibault                            Beth Wimer